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You can purchase the unique, inspiring documentary “Mining the Unconscious” from Two Spirit Films.
The film is screening at all participating galleries.

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Mining the Unconscious

Directed by Marcelina Martin

The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize within him.
- C. G. Jung

Art is the joyous human expression of the Sacred. Mining The Unconscious brings us the stories and revelations of fifteen artists as they share their personal journeys into the profound territory of the unconscious in the excavation of their creative gifts. This stunning experience of the
transformative and healing power of art immerses the viewer in the river of creativity and the Eternal image.

Moving through a meditation that integrates spirituality and creativity, what emerges is the artist’s gift to the world. A true celebration of life and a tribute to C.G. Jung’s profound contribution to culture, art and the collective consciousness.

In addition to deeply moving art, the sound track transports the viewer into a world dedicated to joy. Mining The Unconscious is a true celebration of the beauty of life upon this earth.

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