Speaking to the Daimons in Search of Soul (Workshop)

Jun 25, 2011
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

City of Santa Fe Community Gallery
201 West Marcy Street
Santa Fe

Ann Yeomans, Archetypal Therapist
RSVP to Ann Yeomans, 983-6070

Jung’s Red Book is a shamanic journey where he longingly called for his lost soul.  He invited daemonic inner characters or “divine influxes” of the psyche to present themselves, like Odysseus in his voyage to the underworld, which Jung named his Confrontation with the Unconscious.  In his quest he made the move from the literal to the imaginal summoning up his courage and approaching them as though they were real people while listening intently to what they told him.  By the way of active imagination and fantasy he reached uncharted areas of the soul and deepened what he learned by recording his experiences and later working on concentrated paintings to manifest more intensely what he couldn’t explain.  In this workshop we will trace the dialogues with strange figures and bizarre experiences to create our own work of soul.  We will use illustrations from dream work and alchemy to further enact the use of active imagination.


NOTE:  Limited to 25 participants!